Episode 1 – Introducing the MotherHeart

Introductory Podcast Summary

Are you lacking support in your life as a mother/woman? This is a normal experience in many women’s lives. We have all experienced feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression, discouragement, frustration…just feeling alone. And yet, it shouldn’t be this way!   

One remedy for these typical experiences for women is coming together to share our stories and our hearts while turning to Christ, with no judgement while creating a safe space.  

Check out the summary of our discussion below and listen in for a heartfelt connection.

Who We Are

We are a group of women creating support and connection for one another and for women around the world. We rely on Christ as our foundation and light to help us in forming meaningful and healthy connections with other women.  

How We Got Started

Two years ago, Kiley, Sherilee and Jenessa had a vision for a Montessori homeschool co-op where mothers worked together as teachers to teach their children, while also supporting each other as women. Kiley invited the larger homeschool community to join, and Annamaria found our co-op online. As we met weekly, the four of us began sharing what was on our hearts, our struggles, our triumphs and everything in between.  
In sharing our stories, we realized that the things we were learning about how to connect and support as women could benefit so many other women and mothers.  Annamaria invited two more women into our circle and with much idea sharing and meetings, our podcast idea was born.  
Listen to the podcast to hear Tanya’s and Rachael’s heartfelt stories of how they joined our circle.

What We Have Realized

Mothers and women are so important to God’s eternal plan for us and humanity. Women need women to be empowered, to connect and to help each other draw towards Christ. We need to gain self-awareness and actualization of our innate worth.  We can do this by connecting to who we are as individuals, by aligning body, mind, heart and spirit.

What We Believe

Our foundation is in Jesus Christ. He is our rock and salvation. We have created four pillars to lift the woman and mother.  These four pillars build upon the foundation of Christ and His love.  

The Four Pillars are:


Our Vision

We see women all over the world uniting in purpose and coming together to share their stories, to speak from their hearts and to empower one another. By doing so, we will lift each other, our families, our communities, and the world.  We believe that by healing the woman, we heal the world.

How To Connect with Other Women and Mothers

Make it a matter of prayer/meditation/intention to allow God to help you in your efforts.
Start small in the place you live.
Think of women in your life who you would like to be more real and authentic with, who you can connect with heart to heart.  Think of women who are safe and kind. Sometimes a common interest can help you find those women. Think of things like hobbies, interests, or talents that you have and find other women with similar interests.  Homeschool was a common denominator for most of the women in our MotherHeart circle.
Reach out to a couple of women to form your own MotherHeart circles.  We recommend keeping it small, 2-6 women is a great size.  
Ideally it would be best to meet in person. We need to connect voice to voice, heart to heart, and if possible face to face.
Currently we are practicing physical distancing due to Coronavirus, yet we do have options!  
Utilize technology: Phone, Zoom, Marco Polo, Facetime, Skype, etc. 

Our Mission and Action Plan

To guide women and mothers in connecting across the world – face to face, voice to voice, and heart to heart. We are creating live Zoom meeting discussions and podcasts to show women how to connect with their hearts.  We also aim to encourage all women to share your stories, knowledge and experiences. This is for women of all ages and backgrounds. The collective wisdom from women across the world will connect and empower us as we turn to His light.

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