Episode 10 – Peace in Christ

“We can have that peace especially through Christ. He’s the one that gives us that peace.” “Sometimes it’s only through Christ we have opportunities for peace.”

Get out your journal and pen and join us for our MotherHeart Circle discussion.  

What thoughts phrases or keywords come to your mind and heart as you ponder? For us, the phrase Peace in Christ resonated strongly. Below are some of our thoughts: 

When I’m trusting in God to help me create the things I truly want in my life, it brings me great peace. 

God can’t steer a docked ship. I gotta get the ship moving, then God can help steer me in the right direction. 

Peace requires some form of action. Even just small little pieces of action.

I’ve been waking up in the night going at war with myself about a conversation or event I went to or interactions I’ve had and beating myself up for what I said. It won’t stop. 

My subconscious mind has been trying to protect me from myself. Rather than refute the real feelings I’m having, I need to treat those feelings like a toddler- “you are loved and they love you, and even if they don’t, it’s ok.”
Prayer helps me feel peace rather than trying to go at war with myself. 

Accepting those feelings and being ok with those feelings and soothing them as I would to a toddler helps bring me peace. 

Our emotions are like a newborn baby’s and they don’t understand the difference between rational and irrational thought. We can’t just tell our emotions they are being ridiculous.

Hear them! “I hear you. I hear your needs, your stresses, your worries.” Don’t be afraid to feel those hard feelings.

My phrase is peace like a river. I like to sit by a river and let it teach me. I feel stuck in my life currently. I need to let everything flow. The water in a river is going to keep flowing. It goes over rocks and boulders. I don’t need to stop it. I need to let the peace flow into me like a river. 

There’s a beautiful energy that comes from moving water. I need to sit by a river. 

Patience has come up a lot. I don’t love the word but I need to learn more about it. I do know it’s tied to peace. 

For many months I’ve wondered if Heavenly Father really cares about my wishes and wants. Every path has felt like a door is closed. Then inspiration reminded me that Heavenly Father is guiding me down a path to my deepest desires. When I understood that, I felt gratitude and that brought me peace. 

We need to turn to him so that we are filled with that light and we will be filled with peace. 
I can feel patience and peace as I turn to Christ. 

A story in the scriptures came to mind. It says the people were depressed. They were going to turn back, but the Lord gave them comfort. He promised them patience. He would be with them and provide for them His light and strength. He promised them those things in their afflictions. They could have peace even in the midst of their trials.

I thought patience was something I had to develop but the way it works for me, patience is a gift. That gift of patience comes as I turn to the light. As I allow that light to fill my heart and soul, that peace comes. And because of peace, patience is there too.

Peace comes in following my heart and turning to my highest self, my ultimate desires and needs. They have always been made clear to me through turning to the light of Christ. It’s a line upon line, precept upon precept process for me in understanding my life purpose and mission. 

Thinking there’s things I want distracts me from the peace I feel. I need to be really connected to that higher desire and purpose as a mother. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ helps me to recenter and remember who I am. 

This is a follow up to our last MotherHeart circle discussion about the power of choice and feeling very stuck in the midst of the pandemic and maybe feeling controlled by fear. 

So recently in my prayers I thought about what I really wanted, my higher desires, for the next day – What do I desire the most for my children that day? What do I truly desire for myself for the day?

In my conversation with God I’m coming up with what these deepest desires for the day are. Through prayer I’m able to get in touch with those deepest desires.

Heavenly Father wants to bless me and wants me to be happy in my life, no matter what is happening in the world. I can’t control what’s happening in the world but I do have control over the things in my own life. 

Fear may never go away, but as we trust in God we move forward with courage in the face of fear, working toward the things we know we need to do in our lives. 

We have to trust. We can’t control the outcome but God will be there to make the best of things. It’s usually in the little things God helps us. 

I need to remember to take the time to have this prayer and discussion with God and really lay it out. What is it I want so God can begin acting in my life to help me achieve and acquire those goals and desires in my life?

I have the ability to choose, to ask, to trust and to watch God’s hand in my life.
I don’t have to control all of that. I can just have peace and let it come as I take that step forward. I’ve been trying to control too many things. 

In relation to manifesting, as I pray, saying thank you in the present for something to come helps me.  For example I can say, “I’m so thankful that Heavenly Father is helping me find the answers for my health.” And trusting that He is, because why wouldn’t he be? 

As much as you put your trust in the Lord is how much He will help you. He’s willing to help us infinitely. It’s all dependent on us trusting Him. 

Did something we said connect with what’s in your heart and mind? Let us know what you think!

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We love you, we hear you and you matter!

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