Episode 11 – Homeschool How to Get Everything Done Book Discussion

Welcome back for our September Book Club Discussion! In light of the new school year, we chose the book How to Get Everything Done: Homeschool AND Clean the House AND Stay Sane by Molly Christensen. 

This book shares ideas on how to take a balanced approach to homeschooling so that you can also keep a tidy house and stay sane while doing both. All six of us are homeschooling this year so we found this book to be very helpful.

Join us for an enlightening discussion on homeschooling and discover how unique each of us are in our family homeschool dynamics. There’s no one size fits all approach to homeschooling. It’s a beautiful thing!

Are you homeschooling this year? Are you doing it for the first time? Are you online schooling at home? We hope that whatever your family’s dynamic may look like during these strange times of pandemic, we hope you can benefit from the book and our discussion. 

What are your key takeaways? We’d love to learn your thoughts. Join us on our MotherHeart Circle Facebook group and engage in the discussion!

We believe in you. We love you. Thank you for being you!

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