Episode 13 – Hormones and Self-Compassion

Get out your journal and pen and join us for our MotherHeart Circle discussion.  

What thoughts phrases or keywords come to your mind and heart as you ponder? For us, the words Hormones and Self-Compassion resonated strongly. 

Listen in as we have a lighthearted chat about hormones, the ups and downs and the pros cons. 
Some other thoughts about what’s on our hearts:
How to lead with love as opposed to leading with anger.
Tell a mother she is loved…because we believe as we heal the woman we heal the world. 
Self-Compassion is so needed just as compassion for others is needed.

Weigh in on the conversation. Join our MotherHeart Facebook group and share with us what’s on your hearts. 

We love you we believe in you and thank you for being you. 

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