Episode 19 – The 7 Gateways Book Discussion

Welcome back for our February Book Club Discussion! This month we chose to read the book The Seven Gateways by Wylene Benson. We are excited to welcome Wylene as our first guest speaker at the MotherHeart! 

Wylene, at the young age of 49 had a heart attack. As she lay on the gurney she asked, “Why? Why, God?” In the months that followed, God answered her question in a profound way. The answers she received like downloads from Heaven became the answers to her healing, her wealth, her passion and purpose. They became the foundation for her map to living life with integrity. She calls this map The Seven Gateways. 

This map is meant to help us discover and live our life purpose and mission. In her book she teaches that to begin this journey of self discovery, one must first enter the gateway of faith. The next six gateways must be passed through in the following order: Abundance, Charity, Prosperity, Obedience, Humility, and finally Equity. For this interview we discussed with Wylene the first gateway of faith.

We had a wonderful and enlightening discussion with Wylene and we hope you will enjoy it too as you listen. Join in on the conversation at our MotherHeart Circle Facebook group! We would love to know your thoughts on this book and our interview.

As a thank you for listening, Wylene is giving all our listeners two generous free offers:

You are invited to join the Gratitude Call – you can go to wylenebenson.com/gratitude for all the details on listening to archived episodes, joining live, or just learning about the power of gratitude.
Wylene is also offering all listeners a Dream Alignment Call. This will help you get clear on your purpose and how it fits into God’s bigger plan. Gaining this direction will really help motivate you to keep moving forward even through fear.*When you schedule your free call with Wylene, write in the notes that you heard about this offer from the MotherHeart podcast. *Go to the following link for your free dream alignment call: 

If you would like to learn more about Wylene Benson and her work, you can find her at https://wylenebenson.com

And finally, if you would like to join the Seven Gateways Community, go to the following link:

About the membership, Wylene says:
“We do a monthly call to help you set and achieve goals that will keep you moving along your Seven Gateways path of integrity and purpose. I share insights of The Seven Gateways that I receive in my Daily GPS.  It’s also meant to be a Q&A where I can personally help people understand and be successful on their personal gateway journey.”

We believe in you. We love you. Thank you for being you!

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