Episode 20 – The Security of Belonging and Harmony

Join us for February’s MotherHeart Circle discussion. Tanya has chosen the topic, something that has been on her heart recently. The words that came to her mind are harmony, belonging and attachment. 

Get out your pen and paper and join us in writing down your thoughts about these phrases.

Our circle chose to discuss two main topics, attachment and belonging for children, and how to create harmony in relationships where we may disagree with each other. 

Attachment theory says we need attachment and connection with other people throughout our lives. We’ve been cultured to believe we need to attach to our peers instead of our parents, our children and families. Strong familial attachment, however, is what creates children who have a strong sense of who they are. 

Splits are happening even in strong families along political ideologies. How do we hold on to harmony and belonging attachment and connection that we all need?

Children need to know they are seen and valued and safe. The most important is proximity, keeping your kids close to you and let them know you cherish and care about them.You can’t parent a child you don’t have the heart of. 

Create a safe space for others in order to help create meaningful connection. Give your full attention and give your whole heart.

Set down the phone more often, especially when with our children. To show them they are more important than the phone. 

With regards to creating harmony in our relationships where we may disagree – One solution is for all involved to practice assertiveness. This means that every person gets a turn to speak their opinion and be respectfully heard. 

One’s ability to hear others’ opinions that may be different than ours is strengthened when we first become grounded in our own identity with God and ourselves and our own beliefs. 

Another solution is to focus on the things we do agree on, the common ground and set aside the divisive topics. 

Unity and righteousness paired together help contention to dissipate. Love our enemies, and pray for that. We don’t have to have the same exact faith to know what goodness is and to hold onto morals and virtues. 

The opposite to anger and fear is love. Love is the way out. 

How important it is to gather and support one another, through our communities and our religious organizations.

If we are warring in our hearts against others, they will feel it. We need to be at peace within ourselves first.

Weigh in on the conversation. Join our MotherHeart Facebook group and share with us what’s on your hearts.

We love you. We believe in you. Thank you for being you.

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