Episode 22 – Hope for the Future

The following is a beautiful message from one of our MotherHeart members that we’d like to share with you. Shelly Williams Kenison writes: 

“Moms and children are all unique. We can’t expect ourselves or our children to be just like anyone else. Enjoy the unique characteristics. Some struggles are big, [so] be willing to accept love and help from others. Everyone has challenges. Find safe people you can talk to for a listening ear and sometimes for advice. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you think, and more loved than you will ever know.”

Welcome to our MotherHeart Circle! 

Sherilee Cornaby will lead this discussion. The question she asks is, what hope can we hold onto during these times of growing divisiveness?

Get out pen and paper and write down your thoughts. Join us on the MotherHeart Circle Facebook group and add your thoughts to the discussion. What have you found that brings hope for the future when situations may seem so dark and bleak?

Here are some of our thoughts:

Christ overcame it all and because of that I can overcome anything that comes my way. 

Each person has the light of Christ within them. We have hope for humankind because there are so many people that have that love and the light of Christ and are service oriented. I have hope in my fellow man. Sure, people can do horrible things. But so many can rise to the occasion to do good. There are so many who are Christlike and are following the Lord. Let’s help bring out that light of Christ in ourselves and others.

We are kind of wandering in the dark, wondering what’s going to happen in the future. Think about what happens in the dark that can’t happen in the light. Think about fireworks. You would never notice them in the light, but in the dark you can see them three cities away. Just like that, our light shines more bright. It becomes more noticeable, makes a bigger difference and has a bigger impact because it is dark. Things we may have never noticed before become more noticeable and impactful. 

It has been prophesied that things will become more challenging. We are seeing increasing world challenges. As we turn to Christ, we will experience increasing joy. As challenges increase, we will see increasing love in the hearts of humanity. We will see the tribal community come back and neighbors serving neighbors in profound ways. We will see miracles continue. We will be able to be witnesses of Christ in everything we do and say and Christ will give us the strength to stand taller because His light will be with us. 

Think about the musical synergy found in a symphony or orchestra. In life, we bring our unique gifts to the table, just like we bring our unique instruments to the band or orchestra. We aren’t all playing the same note or the same instrument, but as we come together, we can create a beautiful harmony and a beautiful song. Look up Glorious by David Archuleta. Utilizing this synergy among our associates can give us hope for the future.

There’s more that unites us than divides us. Focus on what unites us more than what divides us. We will have hope underneath our wings to lift us during these critical times. Alone, it’s really difficult to get through a barrier, but together we can push through and forge our way to get through. 

Sometimes it’s the big things that get in the way. Division is happening on a larger scale. Finding the common good starts with seeking to understand another person. One thing we can find in common with everyone is that we are all children of Christ. We can have that knowledge in our hearts, even if others may disagree. 

Finding our creative nature will also bring us joy. There’s a growing creative energy in the world. Focus on what brings us joy and what changes we can make. Make our homes a place of joy, beauty, unity and inspiration. Make our surroundings beautiful. 

Put down technology, like my phone and look into the eyes of my loved ones. Be mindful of how I use those devices. Is it getting in the way of my relationships?

Charity never faileth. Good will win over evil. 

Jenessa shares about dreams she and her husband had when they were younger that they never accomplished. The time has now passed and that dream is over. Because of circumstances, they can no longer realize those dreams. How do we deal with regrets? You can mourn those things and let them go. When one door closes, another door or window opens. That’s the beauty of life. There are endless possibilities. Just because there’s one thing we may have to put aside, there are so many other dreams to create. We can do this through Christ and pray and ask for help to recognize the possibilities of life.  

We were born for this moment. This is our moment to shine. Maybe our dream isn’t even as amazing as what the reality could be. We each are here for a purpose and that purpose is amazing and we are just barely scratching the surface of it. We can make all these plans and work towards them, but sometimes the Lord says I’m not going to have you do that. Actually, I have something even better in mind, if you trust me, I’m going to move you in a better direction. He can make more of our lives than we can if we allow Him to.


We wanted to end our discussion by sharing the light in the darkness that we’ve personally experienced in the form of miracles:

Jenessa shares a miracle that happened for her and her husband during the pandemic, where he was able to get a much needed surgery during a time when elective surgeries were low priority for hospitals.

Kiley shares a miracle she witnessed last year. She participated in prayer and fasting with others of differing faiths to heal a loved one from cancer. The miracle of his cancer cure is a testimony that God hears and answers prayers. Angels on the earth have also answered her quiet pleadings to help with her family’s financial struggles. 
Sherilee shares the miracle of the creation of our MotherHeart Circle and podcast.  We launched April 2020 at a time when businesses, schools and churches were getting shut down. It was a way for women to connect and receive inspiration, hope, faith and support in a time of extreme isolation.

We are so grateful you have chosen to join us on this journey together! We love you, we believe in you and thank you for being you!

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