Episode 25 – The Assertiveness Guide for Women Book Discussion

Welcome back for our May 2021 MotherHeart Bookclub Discussion!

This month we chose to read the book The Assertiveness Guide for Women by Julie DeAzevedo Hanks.

Listen in as Annamaria, Jenessa, Kiley, Rachael, Sherilee and Tanya discuss what they learned about assertiveness in relationships.

The author shared several definitions of what assertiveness means and what that looks like in our relational interactions. One definition that Annamaria really loved is the following: Assertiveness is a way that you express difference while remaining connected. 

One of our goals at the MotherHeart is to practice developing healthy connections with other women. Part of creating healthy connections among our circles of friendship is knowing how to practice assertiveness. We are all different and unique. It’s inevitable that we will have differences of opinion. Assertiveness is the way women can maintain healthy relationships while also honoring our own uniqueness and perspectives.

We loved this book as a general mental health book with a focus on women’s unique challenges in their relationships. We share some of our own unique challenges with speaking up and valuing our own opinions as well as others. 

What were your key takeaways? We’d love to learn from you! Join us on our MotherHeart Circle Facebook group and engage in the conversation!

We believe in you. We love you. Thank you for being you!

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